India overtakes China as the main destination for EU recovered paper exports

26.03.2020 − 

EU member states exported less recovered paper to China last year. Within just a few short years, Chinese restrictions on recovered paper imports have brought EU shipments to the People’s Republic down to just 20 to 25 per cent of the volumes that were typical up until 2016. India has now even passed China as a leading buyer of recovered paper from the EU.

According to preliminary Eurostat data, the 28 countries belonging to the EU in 2019 exported 9.4 million tonnes of recovered paper valued at €994m to countries outside the Union last year. This figure was 11 per cent lower than in 2018 and represented the lowest level since 2006.

India has recently become the leading trading partner for recovered paper exporters. According to the European statistical agency, EU exports to India roughly quadrupled between 2016 and 2019 to 2.3 million tonnes. Indonesia took third place behind China. The statistics reveal that the island nation's imports from the EU had doubled since China started to introduce more stringent import restrictions in 2016.

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