Liquidity a major problem on the German waste textiles market

07.06.2017 − 

"Liquidity is the central problem facing the industry," virtually all market players active in Germany’s waste textiles business agree. Businesses were constantly running after even the smallest sums and issuing payment reminders, complained one sorter active in the industry for decades.

At least the situation has not necessarily worsened since March, and insiders had even experienced a minor improvement in business with Africa. Local media reports indicate that Kenya has made a U-turn on its plans to ban imports of second-hand clothing.

Business with Eastern Europe also continues to offer a ray of hope, with good demand for winter clothing already reported. Since "everything is focused on Eastern Europe" after the problems in Africa, slight price concessions have to be made there now too in some cases.

All told, sorters reportedly have good amounts on stock for the time of year, which several sources attributed to relatively high collection volumes in May. Volumes had exceeded expectations, possibly because of the weather, one major collector suspected. Market players find it that much harder to explain why competition for collection container spaces is not dying down at all.

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