Modest demand for waste plastics in Germany

04.10.2019 − 

Demand for plastic recyclate remained modest to moderate on the German market in September. The end of the summer holidays failed to bring the desired momentum. Demand would not likely grow considerably in the medium term, either, recyclers said, in view of the economic downturn. Recyclers are urgently calling for policymakers to take additional action: “Cranking up legislative plastics recycling targets is not enough.” Actions such as green public procurement, minimum recycled content, lower VAT rates for products made out of recycled materials and better eco-design would be powerful signals that could advance plastic recycling.

Many recyclers are now reporting higher inventory levels and sometimes additional pressure on prices. Just a few recyclers thought that the market climate was satisfactory. The pressure on primary plastics prices, especially PP and PE, continues to be a concern.

The state of the export market has not altered fundamentally. In India, the ban on importing better-quality film scrap remained in effect. Indonesian demand for good-quality mixed PE commercial film scrap has been good in the past few weeks. Turkey was still only an interesting market in price terms when it came to lower-quality grades, experts said. Eastern European demand for 80/20 and lower-quality film scrap grades was decent again, although there were was a shortage of transport capacities.

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The full market report on the waste plastics market in Germany also appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 21/2019 published on 16 October.

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