German PET recyclers with mixed views on demand

02.09.2019 − 

PET recyclers in Germany reported extremely varied levels of demand for their products in August. Some of the recyclers had problems finding buyers for clear flakes; in some cases material had to be stored temporarily. Others reported good sales volumes, but said prices were under pressure.

Regranulate sales were also inconsistent. Some recyclers reported good orders from pre-form manufacturers; others had not felt any improvement. Buyers sometimes demanded price reductions for September, but other customers were also prepared to accept the higher prices for regranulate despite the low prices of primary PET.

Recyclers were setting their hopes on October, when post-consumer bottle bales would become scarcer again. Bottlers are also said to have announced plans to order more regranulate. Sales of flakes to the film industry were weak again in August. At times, there was talk of short-term order cancellations in August, either because buyers were switching to PP or because the film manufacturers were themselves not getting enough orders. Some recyclers were able to sell volumes in neighbouring countries, but these deals were struck at the expense of margins.

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The full report on the post-consumer PET bottle market in Germany also appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 18/2019 published on 4 September.

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