PET recycling: prices for bottles and flakes on the rise

Price increases for primary PET have
boosted demand for recycled material
02.03.2021 − 

German PET recyclers reported an increase in demand for clear flakes in February. Demand from nearly all sectors increased because the primary resin has become more expensive again and supply has tightened. As expected, prices for clear flakes increased over the course of the month, while only minimal hikes could be made for coloured flakes where it was possible at all. Recyclers told EUWID that they expected the upward trend for clear flakes to continue through March. 

While business on the sales side was generally very satisfactory for recyclers at the moment, securing an adequate supply of post-consumer bottles had become problematic. February's spell of wintery weather depressed bottle arisings still further. Buyers had to pay higher prices for spot volumes or volumes in monthly tenders from the grocery retail chains. Recyclers' inventories were dwindling.

At this point, market insiders anticipate that some plants will be unable to secure enough input material if demand continues to rise. It is hoped more deposit-bearing bottles will be sold and returned as the pandemic restrictions are gradually loosened in Germany and temperatures rise. If they did not, recycling plants would run out of feedstock, insiders predicted.

The full report on the post-consumer PET bottle market in Germany appears in the print and e-paper issues of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management (05/2021) out on 10 March. Online subscribers can access the report immediately here:

Post-consumer PET bottles

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