Plastic sales remain major problem for German WEEE recyclers

31.07.2017 − 

The introduction of tighter import restrictions in China is currently the central topic of discussion among German recyclers of waste electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). Revenues from the sale of recyclables have taken a major hit because of the problems with selling plastics. Due to the loss of these sales channels, revenues from the sale of plastics recovered from WEEE have fallen by as much as 80 per cent – and recyclers are often unable to find buyers at all. 

Although recyclers therefore need to adjust the terms under which they accept WEEE for processing, a number of them complained that it had not yet been possible to do so everywhere. Prices for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap have been a bright spot on the market. They were mostly stable, and had even risen in some cases. As a result, buyers even increased the prices paid for large appliances slightly.

Recyclers said the WEEE supply was positive overall. Apart from the usual seasonal fluctua-tions due to the summer holidays, volume avail-ability and capacity utilisation range from good to very good, many market participants report. For some collection categories, volumes were said to be significantly higher in some regions. Although the market remained competitive, on the whole it has calmed down somewhat, as players who were unable to achieve prices that allowed them to cover their costs were increasingly disappearing from the market, one recycler told EUWID.

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German WEEE processing market report


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