Plastics remain a "headache" for e-waste recyclers

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07.02.2018 − 

E-waste recyclers in Germany say the start of the year was mostly calm and they have sufficient supplies. Due to the lack of any really wintery weather, collections of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) were better than expected in January. Most respondents therefore described capacity utilisation at the plants as good. The relatively steady metal prices were also having a calming effect on business, even though recyclers could see only limited gains from short-term price increases, as smelters were able to increase their discounts at the same time.

However, due to the Chinese import ban, finding buyers for the plastics recovered from e-waste continues to be a “major headache” for industry players. There is a need for action on nearly all fractions, EUWID was told. Even plastic grades that were never exported to China are now experiencing price declines. In general, price corrections have been implemented to only a limited degree, some recyclers complain. The overcapacity in WEEE management facilities means there is still strong competition for intake volumes on the German market, and the necessary price adjustments have not yet been made everywhere.

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