Prices for PE film scrap in Germany increase in October

Export demand contributed to stable waste
waste plastic prices in October.
05.11.2020 − 

Most prices for regrind and recyclate in Germany were unchanged and most recyclers reported continued sideways movement for the month of October. Speaking with EUWID, recylcers said they were increasingly seeing last-minute call-offs from converters. Overall sales volumes were roughly at the level of the previous month.

The only price increase reported was for mixed commercial polyethylene film. One contributing factor here was the decision by the Indonesian government to push back the registration deadline for exporters of secondary raw materials until 1 January 2021. Demand from Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia continued to be demand, according to exporters. Deals with Turkish buyers were still being done for the lower-quality film grades such as 80/20 and 50/50 commercial PE film, but the devaluation of the Turkish lira had caused activity to slow somewhat. Against this backdrop, exporters described the month of October as satisfactory.

The near-term outlook is murky again due to the latest round of coronavirus restrictions in Germany. It is unclear what consequences the "lockdown light” will have and this is causing growing uncertainty, say recyclers. In some cases, recyclers have been deliberately limiting purchases of secondary raw materials in recent months and adjusted the volumes to their reduced reduced production levels, so orders from converters for delivery at short notice can cause problems.

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