Recovered paper prices in Italy slip further in October

No end in sight for falling prices in Italy
06.11.2019 − 

Italian recovered paper prices continued to tumble. Virtually all grades became cheaper again in October. Markdowns for a number of deinking grades were especially pronounced. Prices for ordinary grades were already very low and continued to erode little by little. 

The focus of complaints from several suppliers was the situation for mixed paper and board (1.02). All told, not much material had changed hands because paper mills already had more than adequate mixed paper stocks, market players noted. One source remarked that only contract volumes were being sold, and others agreed.

Italian paper mills already had good recovered paper inventories in the form of allotments purchased from the Comieco paper and board packaging consortium and hardly needed extra material, a few recovered paper suppliers said. Others put the situation into perspective, noting that mixed paper was still being traded on the free market although considerable oversupply still existed and prices were extremely low.

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The full report for the recovered paper market in Italy also appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 23/2019 published on 13 November.

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