Recovered paper trading within Italy quiet in June

Recovered paper
05.07.2018 − 

Italy's recovered paper market was relatively quiet in the month of June. Notwithstanding the volatility evident in the export business, within Italy, prices for ordinary grades held. Buyers reported a little downward pressure here and there, but prices for mixed paper (1.02), supermarket paper and board (1.04) and old corrugated containers (OCC, 1.05) generally stayed the same in June as they had been in May.

Abundant amounts of ordinary recovered paper grades were around on the Italian market in June, thwarting any efforts by sellers to charge more. Buyers and suppliers alike agreed that as in previous months lots of recovered paper was in circulation, and paper manufacturers had decent amounts on stock.

Nevertheless, market players apparently agreed without much discussion to leave prices untouched. Commenting on prices, one supplier said that recycled corrugated case material manufacturers were doing the deals of a lifetime at present and price cuts for recovered paper had been out of the question.

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