Slight decline in steel scrap prices on German market

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19.04.2018 − 

Negotiations between steel mills and metals recyclers took unusually long this April. It was not until the middle of the month that the final deals were inked. The two sides had wrestled over prices until recently: steel producers wanted to pay less than they had in March, while sellers wanted to keep prices unchanged.

Contracts ultimately ended up in a spectrum between stable and slightly reduced prices, depending on the steel mill in question, the March baseline price, the scrap grade and the time when the two sides put pen to paper.

Signs of mark-downs had primarily come from export warehouses, with prices falling in Turkey and Italy. German steel mills also sought to follow this trend and to pay less, pointing out the mounting pressure on rebar prices and sustained high costs for graphite electrodes, according to merchants. However, they were not all that keen to bow to steel producers' demands, especially as scrap arisings were described as just "satisfactory" despite warmer weather.

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