Slight dip in sales of German PET flakes in April

07.05.2019 − 

In April, PET recyclers in Germany were faced with sales problems for the first time in months. Most recyclers saw orders for flakes from the film and textile segments decline. In isolated cases, clear flakes were offered at somewhat lower prices to buyers in these sectors, say recyclers. Even some preform manufacturers had not yet ordered the volumes that had been expected for the beginning of the bottled beverage high season.

Business has become tougher, say market participants, who report that film manufacturers themselves often complained of sales problems. Attempting to explain recent developments, market insiders speculated that plastic's poor public image could already be having a negative impact on sales. Even in the bottle-to-bottle segment, the euphoria of recent months seems to be waning after several months of positive news. Recycled PET (rPET) has cost more than primary material for months. Against this backdrop, market participants were growing increasingly aware that the EU's minimum recycled content target for single-use PET beverage bottles would not have to be fulfilled until 2025. Currently, the price of primary PET has fallen.

The full market report is available to our premium subscribers immediately here. It will appear in the print and e-paper versions of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management issue 10/2019 out on 15 May.

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