Stable steel scrap prices on balanced market in Germany

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17.07.2018 − 

It was a calm trading month for the German steel scrap industry. "The scrap volumes that came in were also easy to sell. And all at largely unchanged prices," one EUWID respondent said of the current market. For the coming month of August, the holidays are expected to result in lower trading volumes. Prices could also weaken slightly.

Steel mills reportedly continue to have full order books. Demand, especially for new scrap, continued to be good as a result. However, new order intake at steel mills is said to have dropped off markedly of late, a sign merchants that the previously humming economy was hitting the brakes. In general, there was an increasingly palpable uncertainty, which had put industry on alert.

As observed in previous months, the only investments made were either truly necessary or promised a quick return. The number of machines and industrial plants being dismantled is declining. Where possible, businesses would continue to use the existing infrastructure, respondents reported.

As a result, old and demolition scrap generation was lower than in previous years. Considering this, scrap arisings in June and July were "surprisingly good", say several scrap traders. New scrap arisings were at a "normal good level".

The expansion of the German motorway toll to include other major roads in July and the announced toll increase for 2019 were the subject of much discussion. Freight costs would rise significantly. The lorry driver shortage, the poor availability of rail wagons and falling river levels already meant that logistics continued to be "a disaster area" for ferrous scrap recyclers.

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