Structural changes on the cards for German PET recycling market

10.01.2019 − 

Price negotiations on the German market for post-consumer PET bottles were concluded quickly in December. In most cases, prices for PET bottles rolled over as expected, while supplies remained decent. Amid good demand for flakes and regranulate, no significant changes are expected in January, either.

The new year is likely to bring about some interesting changes. It is expected that considerably more PET bottles from deposit systems will be recycled back into bottles. The fibre industry in particular would feel the effects of the anticipated shift, recyclers believe. At the moment, prices for the rPET used in preform production are slightly higher than quotes for primary PET, which have recently declined. However, primary PET supplies were tight, which enabled recyclers to hold selling prices for flakes and regranulate mostly stable.

The full market report has appeared in issue 1/2019 of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management on 9 January.

Premium subscribers can access it here immediately: EUWID Post-Consumer PET Bottle Market Report

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