Supply improves for German WEEE recyclers

Arisings of fridges and freezers are very high.
28.10.2020 − 

After some turbulent months and pandemic-related volatility in incoming volumes, the situation has now eased again somewhat on the market for waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) recycling in Germany. Recyclers say that volume availability is good overall. At the same time, revenues on the output side have at least not weakened further, even though recyclers are often desperately searching for sales channels for plastics as well as aluminium. As a result, prices for the individual equipment categories have changed only minimally if at all.

On the intake side, market participants mostly report above-average volumes, which are sometimes more than 20 per cent higher than in previous years. However, there are apparently major regional differences. E-waste arisings in western Germany in particular are said to be very high. In the east and occasionally in the south, volumes have returned to normal again, and there were even reports of the typical seasonal dips in the summertime.

It seems that the volumes that had piled up when recycling depots were closed in the spring have now been processed. Recyclers believe that arisings continue to be higher than usual be-cause consumer spending patterns have shifted: Rather than going on holiday, many people are purchasing new appliances and electronics, it appears. Equipment producers were therefore reporting very good sales figures, EUWID was told. For now, this effect seems to be offsetting any negative effects of short-time work and rising unemployment. It remains uncertain, though, how long this boom phase can continue in light of the economic forecasts. The subsequent slump in e-scrap volumes might be turn out to be even deeper, one recycler fears.

You can read the full market report in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 22/2020, out 28 October. Premium subscribers can access the market report right away:

Recovery prices for waste electric and electronic equipment (B2C) Germany 

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