Solid export sales allow for some OCC hikes in Italy

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05.03.2020 − 

Italian recovered paper prices appear to have reached the end of their downward spiral for the time being. Many prices, especially those for medium and high grades, were unchanged in February. Some price increases were even instituted for old corrugated containers (OCC), especially for exports to the Far East, which were described as brisk, but also on the Italian market.

Mixed paper often cost the same in February as it did in January, even though material is still abundant. Renewed downward adjustments occurred only sporadically. At any rate, prices are often well into negative territory. Lowering prices again was in nobody’s interest, several market sources remarked. Several businesses were no longer trading in mixed paper at all, if possible.

The situation for OCC (1.05) became calmer in February. Quite a few market players found that supply had become a little more strained in Italy. They had even managed to tack on a couple of euros here and there on the Italian market thanks to good Far East export business and prices.

The full report on the recovered paper market in Italy appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 05/2020 out 4 March 2020.

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