Waste plastics business remains tough in Germany

08.11.2019 − 

Plastics recycling is under pressure amidst mediocre to weak demand in many sectors in Germany. Regranulate and regrind prices often headed lower in October, especially since primary plastics prices remain comparatively low and will likely decrease again in November. Recyclers in Germany are responding by curbing output and carrying out maintenance work. A few businesses intend to idle their machines earlier than originally planned in December.

Recycling and the circular economy were a key topic at this year’s K plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf, but recyclers are not feeling much in the way of tangible effects - at least at the moment. "Projects aren’t contracts yet,” remarked recyclers who had hoped for livelier demand after the summer break. One or two converters even mentioned they made "supportive purchases” given the challenging situation facing their suppliers in the recycling market. Recyclers are urging policymakers to take actions ranging from mandatory recycled content targets for new plastic products to tax breaks and to clear rules for public procurement.  

The export business is experiencing similarly subdued sales, especially as not much is headed to Asian countries. One major merchant rated exports as a "C-". India was not accepting any more waste plastics imports, and business with Turkey had also slowed markedly. Quite a few exporters were also having a hard time arranging freight space for shipments to certain Asian countries.

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The full report on the waste plastics market in Germany also appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 23/2019 published on 13 November.

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