Waste plastics market considerably calmer in Germany in July

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It is not clear yet which waste plastic grades
buyers in Turkey will import in the future
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The waste plastics market slowed down somewhat in Germany in July, thanks in part to the summer holidays and holiday shutdowns at some converters’ and regrind producers’ plants. Although some traders and recyclers were already reporting a summer lull, overall demand was still said to be good. With few exceptions, prices only moved sideways in July. Slight price increases were only reported for PE film scrap, but these could not be passed along in the recycled pellet prices.

If Turkish buyers returned to the market in the near future, scrap film might become more expensive again, EUWID was told. Turkish buyers had not yet made any purchases after the country’s ban on PE imports was lifted in July, insiders reported. Waste management companies had been holding back scrap film in anticipation of such sales.

Uncertainty about export business with Turkey

It is unclear whether buyers in Turkey will in future only import the best-quality grades such as 98/2 film waste, or whether they will continue to mainly import the lower-priced grades as they previously did. Shortly after the Ankara government announced the reversal of its import ban, German recyclers started getting inquiries about plastic fractions from the “dual systems” for collecting and recycling household packaging waste.

Such exports had been troublesome recently, as there was a risk that Turkey would request to have the material repatriated to Germany. The Turkish authorities have now initiated several attempts to return shipments of waste plastics. In one case, the rejected shipment comprises four containers with almost 87 tonnes of plastic waste from dual systems. This material came from a sorting plant in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg, a spokesperson of the state’s environment ministry explained.

The full report on the waste plastics market in Germany appears in the print and e-paper issues of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management (16/2021) published on 11 August. Online subscribers can access the report immediately here:

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