Waste textile volumes surge in Germany

Arisings in Germany were especially high in May (representative image)
13.06.2018 − 

German waste textile recyclers are confronted at the moment with volumes of original collected stock that are well above the levels typical for the season. After comparatively little material had landed in collection containers during March and even into April, volumes had suddenly had increased more sharply than ever before in May, a major collector reported.

Other market experts confirmed that there is “a lot of material on the market”, adding that the situation was “not normal”. Collected stock was being offered from all directions. With the shortage of lorry drivers throughout the industry, several collectors were unable to ensure that all bring banks were emptied before filling.

Quite a few market players are pinning their hopes on the upcoming football World Cup. Collection volumes had decreased during major sporting events in the past. However, not all market players are confirming this effect. All told, though, collection volumes are not expected to drop palpably. After all, clothing retail revenues had increased by 2.8 per cent in Germany in the first quarter of the year compared with the same stretch in 2017.

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German waste textiles market report

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