Situation on German waste textiles market remains tense

Overflowing textiles collection container
With supply of collected stock more than adequate,
textiles banks are now being removed or locked
08.06.2020 − 

Germany’s waste textiles market is and will remain extremely tense in the era of the coronavirus pandemic: While arisings of original collected stock are high at a time of the year when volumes are usually strong anyway, sales of sorted material remain under pressure. Inventories of both original collected stock and sorted clothing were ”sometimes on the verge of exceeding their permit limits” as a result, according to market insiders. ”We are almost only sorting material to put on stock,” one sorter stressed.

The crisis on the market is now being recognised by policymakers, too. For instance, the German Federal Environment Ministry recently contacted national associations representing local authorities to ask for assistance for textiles recyclers.

The industry said that it is now coping well with the restrictions put in place to stem the spread of Covid-19. Procedures had now been adjusted and sorting capacity scaled back in some cases to ensure distancing.

The full report on the waste textiles market in Germany will appear in the next print and e-paper issue of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management (12/2020) out on 10 June.

Online subscribers can access the report immediately here: Waste textiles Germany

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