Waste wood availability significantly up in Germany

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03.08.2018 − 

Waste wood supplies were relatively tight on the German market until June, but are now more than adequate. "The market in central Germany is jam-packed”, explained one major buyer, who had temporarily stopped accepting volumes. Considerable volume pressure is also being felt in the south of the country, according to the latest EUWID market report.

The supply situation is far more moderate in the northern and eastern regions of Germany. Overall, the situation has taken many by surprise, respondents told EUWID. Fundamentally, though, the current waste wood glut is the result of tighter recovery capacities rather than excessive volumes of waste wood, industry players agree.

The ongoing hot and dry weather across Germany is also contributing to the tight recovery capacities. The extremely dry weather is also raising the cost of processing waste wood because of the need to make greater efforts to combat dust. And since the same volume of wood weighs less, transport costs also rise in relative terms, in addition to higher costs resulting from the expansion of Germany’s road toll for lorries.

The full report on the German waste wood market including the current prices appears in the new issue of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management on 8 August 2018. Online subscribers can already access the report here:

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