Waste wood market in Germany relatively balanced

02.11.2017 − 

“There is no oversupply of waste wood, but there is enough material to go around,” market participants told EUWID. Insiders said that there was no tension to speak of in the markets in the Northwest or Northeast of the country, and for the most part none in the South either.

Into the summer, arisings had been relatively low, the majority of market insiders believed. Within the industry, the weak arisings were considered puzzling given the strength of the economy. However, volumes had now picked up again, enabling market participants, with few exceptions, to accumulate stocks for the winter as planned. The inventory building had been facilitated by both breakdowns and planned maintenance shutdowns at several power plants which increased the availability of waste wood volumes regionally.

Import volumes were said to be stable. Moreover, there had been first enquiries for initial orders from the Netherlands, which one market participant interpreted as a sign of things to come. Import volumes needn’t continue at their current levels.

The full report on the German waste wood scrap market including the price table appears in issue 22/2017 of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management on 2 November 2017.

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Waste wood prices in Germany

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