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The German waste wood market in July was largely stable and balanced, quite the opposite of conditions a year earlier. Amid stocks that had often been reduced, but sometimes only rotated - the exceptions proved the rule – the majority of waste wood processors reported that the amounts taken in are generally equivalent to the volumes going out.

However, this was not true for all regions of the country: Quite a few processors in the north and the south-west of Germany and along the Ruhr Valley detected a noticeable reduction in municipal arisings and a downturn in waste wood from construction projects without being able to provide a plausible explanation for it. There was nothing in the economic data to suggest arisings from the construction sector would decline.

All told, processors and above all operators of biomass-fuelled power plants and CHP plants think that waste wood arisings will remain ample until at least the end of next quarter. Many insiders even anticipate that things will remain the same until the year’s end, especially as a few power plants are set to perform maintenance soon.

Consequently, market players had seemed to want to keep things as they were when it came to pricing, with some carrying forward second-quarter prices until the year’s end and sometimes even into 2018.

The full report on the waste wood market in Germany including the price table appears in issue 16/2017 of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management on 9 August 2017. Online and premium subscribers can already access it here:

German waste wood market report


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