Steel scrap surge drives shift in treatment prices for some e-scrap streams in Germany

Arisings of end-of-life fridges and freezers remain high
25.01.2021 − 

The market for the treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in Germany at the start of 2021 was shaped by high prices for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals as well as by good arisings. Especially for large appliances and refrigerators and freezers, the skyrocketing steel scrap prices caused a shift in the prices paid or charged by recyclers. While the steel scrap prices are believed to be peaking briefly, it remains to be seen how long the favourable e-waste supply situation will last.

In January, recyclers in Germany typically described e-scrap intake as satisfactory; some even said volumes were good to very good. In other cases, however, noticeable declines were reported in some regions due to weather-related issues. In the eastern part of the country, volumes are said to be weaker at the moment. Recyclers nonetheless have good capacity utilisation levels in most cases. This is particularly true for processors of fridges and freezers. Arisings in this sectors are still exceptionally high, as are those of other large appliances classified as “white goods”. By contrast, there are lower quantities of small equipment and monitors.

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WEEE management in Germany

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