Waste wood prices largely unchanged in Germany


Prices for the different waste wood grades saw few changes in Germany, according to the latest EUWID market report. Arisings currently show significant regional variations in Germany. In the southwest of the country, growth in volumes was initially delayed due to the long winter, but there was a marked improvement in recent weeks, market sources reported. In contrast, waste wood arisings in other regions are still lagging behind last year’s levels.

Under these circumstances, large-scale build-up of winter stocks has commenced only in the southwest of the country with few exceptions. In isolated cases, storage sites are already said to be quite full.
In contrast, supply in eastern Germany as well as in Bavaria and the northwest is still not enough to “put away significant volumes”, market players said. All the same time, biomass power plants all over Germany are reportedly well-stocked with fuel, also thanks to downtime in certain plants, which include the Hamburg biomass power plant which is only now being restarted.

The full report for the German waste wood market will appear in EUWID Recycling and Waste Management 16/2013.
Online subscribers can already access the report on our website.

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