Widespread price stability on German waste plastics market


The month of May offered hardly few opportunities to increase prices on the German waste plastics market, according to EUWID's current market report. With several public holidays and inclement weather, May was a weak month for most recyclers. Majority reports from the market indicated stable prices.

The monitoring of imports to China is strict and will remain so, market players believe. Dubbed “Operation Green Fence”, the inspections drive is aimed at preventing imports of contaminated secondary raw materials, which is why German merchants are in turn keeping a close eye on consignments from waste generators and waste management companies. “Otherwise we’ll be left sitting on contaminated goods,” an exporter said.
“Uncertainty levels have increased greatly everywhere,” a merchant observed. Exports of special grades such as computer housings and big bags to China have virtually ceased, he added.Although merchants were still accepting goods, their warehouses were full. With difficulty selling their own material, the merchants themselves were under pressure, said market insiders.
The full report for the German waste plastics market appears in EUWID Recycling and Waste Management 12/2013.
Online subscribers can already access the report on our website.

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