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EU consultation on alternative plastics

20.01.2022 − The European Commission is developing a policy framework for biodegradable, compostable and bio-based plastics and has launched a public consultation which is to provide insight on the subject.» more


Further price hikes expected on German waste plastics market

11.01.2022 − Demand for waste plastics remained strong in Germany during the final month of 2021. “We could have sold much more than we did,” one recycler remarked, describing what was a rather unusual situation for December. These...» more

Waste plastics prices on the rise in Germany in November

07.12.2021 − German waste plastics prices increased across the board in November amid decent demand.» more

German plastic waste intercepted en route to Vietnam

02.12.2021 − Plastic waste from Germany has been held up in the Greek port of Piraeus. According to the environmental NGO Basel Action Network (BAN), the waste, originally exported to Turkey, had been destined for Vietnam before...» more