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EU consultation on alternative plastics

20.01.2022 − The European Commission is developing a policy framework for biodegradable, compostable and bio-based plastics and has launched a public consultation which is to provide insight on the subject.» more


Eastman to invest up to $1bn in chemical recycling project in France

17.01.2022 − The chemical company Eastman is planning to invest the equivalent of around €876m in France to advance the "molecular recycling" of plastic waste. The planned facility will employ Eastman's "polyester renewal...» more

Further price hikes expected on German waste plastics market

11.01.2022 − Demand for waste plastics remained strong in Germany during the final month of 2021. “We could have sold much more than we did,” one recycler remarked, describing what was a rather unusual situation for December. These...» more

Waste plastics prices on the rise in Germany in November

07.12.2021 − German waste plastics prices increased across the board in November amid decent demand.» more