EU Parliament calls for better implementation of EU environmental law

20.11.2017 − The European Parliament is criticizing deficits and disparities in the implementation of EU environmental law in the individual member states. » more


China sets 0.5 per cent contaminant limit for recovered paper and plastics

17.11.2017 − The Chinese government notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) of new contaminant limits for wastes imported as raw materials on 15 November. » more

China appears to be backing off strict 0.3 per cent contaminant cap for imported paper

15.11.2017 − Chinese authorities appear to be considering setting the maximum contamination rate acceptable for recovered paper imports at 1 per cent. This is substantially higher and much more readily achievable than the 0.3 per...» more

Indian ministries discuss lifting of scrap import duty

19.10.2017 − The Indian Ministry of Steel supports the elimination of the import duty of 2.5 per cent imposed on ferrous scrap.» more

Indian steel ministry supports lifting scrap import duty

19.10.2017 − The Indian Ministry of Steel supports the elimination of the import duty of 2.5 per cent imposed on ferrous scrap. Indian steel minister Ch. Birender Singh and other ministry representatives told attendees at Bureau of...» more

Numerous member states fail to hit packaging waste targets

25.09.2017 − While the EU institutions continue to negotiate on a potential increase in packaging recycling targets as they meet for trilogue talks, many member states have yet to fulfill the existing recycling targets for waste...» more

China notifies WTO of pending scrap import ban

19.07.2017 − After months of rumour and speculation that a Chinese ban on imports of waste plastics and mixed recovered paper grades was in the offing, there was official confirmation on Tuesday that China will forbid the import of...» more

Plastic Bags Directive: Spain the latest member state warned for non-compliance

14.07.2017 − The EU Commission has sent Spain a final warning, informing the member state that it must either implement EU rules on lightweight plastic carrier bags or face infringement proceedings before the European Court of...» more

China: Temporary halt for some waste import approvals

04.07.2017 − China halted certain scrap import approvals as of 1 June 2017, the BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) has reported, citing sources in China. According to the umbrella group, shipments authorised prior to 1 June are...» more

Plastic bags: Last warning for Greece, Italy, Poland and Cyprus

19.06.2017 − The EU Commission has set a final deadline for four member states to enact EU rules intended to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags. Greece, Italy, Poland and Cyprus will be given a deadline of...» more

Regulation on hazardous waste criterion adopted

09.06.2017 − A new EU Regulation laying down criteria for classifying waste as ecotoxic and thus as hazardous was adopted on Thursday by the Council.» more

EU Parliament wants to reduce food waste

18.05.2017 − MEPs have called on EU member states to halve food waste by 2030. As an intermediate goal, they want to see food waste reduced by 30 per cent no later than 2025. In both cases, 2014 levels serve as baseline. The...» more

European Commission pursues waste infringement cases

27.04.2017 − The European Commission will bring Slovenia before the European Court of Justice for alleged violations of the Landfill Directive. According to a Thursday Commission statement, there were still 28 uncontrolled landfills...» more

Brexit: EU Parliament wants UK to maintain EU standards

06.04.2017 − The European Parliament officially laid down the key principles and conditions for its approval of the UK's withdrawal agreement. » more

EU Parliament completes first reading of the waste package

14.03.2017 − The European Parliament voted to approved the EU Commission's proposals amending EU waste legislation along with numerous amendments in its first reading on Tuesday.» more

UK's 2016 WEEE collections fall well short of EU target

02.03.2017 − (UK) - UK producer compliance schemes failed to collect enough e-scrap last year to meet the new EU target for 2016. According to data released by the Environment Agency on Wednesday, a total of 591,005 tonnes of waste...» more

EU Commission refers Romania to ECJ for landfill violations

16.02.2017 − The EU Commission will bring Romania before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for its alleged failure to close and rehabilitate 68 illegal landfills as mandated by the Landfill Directive (1999/31/EC).» more

EU strategy for plastics in a circular economy – roadmap released

31.01.2017 − The European Commission is seeking to improve the economics, quality and uptake of plastic recycling and reuse through its planned strategy for plastics in a circular economy. The objectives of the strategy were laid...» more

European Commission cautious on waste to energy

27.01.2017 − The EU Commission published a Communication on the role of waste to energy in the circular economy. This document suggests that the EU institution has a sceptical and rather guarded attitude towards waste incineration.» more

EP Environment Committee votes for higher recycling and landfill diversion targets

25.01.2017 − The minimum quota for the recycling and preparation for reuse of municipal waste to be reached by 2030 is raised to 70 per cent, up five percentage points compared to the EU Commission's proposal.» more

New compromise proposals on the Commission waste package

16.01.2017 − The Council's Working Party on the Environment began discussing new compromise proposals on amending the Waste Framework Directive and other elements of European Union waste legislation late last week.» more

Karmenu Vella: Commission would regret attempts to weaken proposed recycling targets

21.12.2016 − EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella criticised efforts to water down or weaken the recycling targets proposed by the Commission as part of the 2015 circular economy package in remarks at Mondays meeting of the...» more