Deficits in WEEE legislation in Estonia and Romania

25.01.2019 − The European Commission calls upon Estonia and Romania to bring their national rules on e-waste fully in line with the EU Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) adopted in 2012.» more


EU ambassadors endorse Single-Use Plastics Directive

18.01.2019 − The proposed Single-Use Plastics Directive has made a further step towards adoption. The EU member states’ ambassadors have unanimously endorsed the provisional compromise negotiated in the week before Christmas.» more

UK: Reform of producer responsibility for packaging "immediate priority"

19.12.2018 − The British government released its long-awaited Resources & Waste for England on Tuesday, outlining how England is to increase resource productivity and eliminate "avoidable waste of all kinds" by 2050. Environment...» more

Trilogue agreement reached on single-use plastics

19.12.2018 − The delegations of the EU institutions reached preliminary agreement Wednesday morning to ban or reduce the consumption of various single-use plastic products. The EU Parliament was successful in pushing through a...» more

Denmark plans to standardise collection
of plastic waste from households

04.12.2018 − The Danish environment ministry wants municipalities to implement uniform arrangements for separately collecting plastic waste. A standardised system would increase the amount of plastic waste which is collected from...» more

Council will push to soften the decaBDE
restriction added by the EU Parliament

29.11.2018 − EU member states want to set a cap on the concentration of the flame retardant decaBDE in recycled materials, but would set that limit substantially higher than the one supported by the European Parliament. » more

Pledges for recycled plastic uptake fall short of EU goal

21.11.2018 − European businesses and trade associations have pledged to the EU Commission to make 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic available by 2025. "On the demand side, however, only about 5 million tonnes are expected so...» more

EU Parliament votes for strict DecaBDE limit

16.11.2018 − The European Parliament has approved setting a strict limit of 10 ppm for the brominated flame retardant DecaBDE in the EU Regulation on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP).» more

EU members agree on single-use plastics negotiation position

31.10.2018 − The trilogue negotiations between the EU Parliament and Council on the proposed Directive on single-use plastics will start as planned on 6 November.» more

EU Parliament approves Single Use Plastics Directive

24.10.2018 − The European Parliament has voted in favour of an amended Single Use Plastics Directive at its first reading with 571 votes in favour, 53 votes opposed and 34 abstentions. Members of the European Parliament to expand...» more

EP Committee votes to add products to single-use plastic bans

10.10.2018 − The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has voted to strengthen certain provisions of the proposed EU Directive on single-use plastics.» more

France broadens bans on disposable plastic items

03.10.2018 − France will forbid the sale of straws, plastic steak markers, disposable cup lids, meal trays, ice cream pots, salad bowls, boxes and drink stirrers made of conventional plastics as of 2020. The French Assemblée...» more

Worldwide waste arisings to rise by 70 per cent by 2050

21.09.2018 − Without urgent action, global waste arisings will increase by 70 percent compared to current levels by 2050, according to a new study by the World Bank entitled "What a Waste 2.0". The international financial...» more

EU Parliament calls for investment in plastics recycling in Europe

14.09.2018 − The European Parliaments calls on all stakeholders to consider China’s import ban for plastic waste an opportunity for investing in prevention and in “state-of-the-art facilities for collection,» more

EU WEEE collection target reached by most member states

12.09.2018 − The overwhelming majority of the EU countries fulfilled the collection requirement of the EU Directive on e-waste for 2016. A total of 17 member states and Norway achieved the minimum rate of 45 per cent. Five other...» more

De Rugy is France's new environment minister

06.09.2018 − The speaker of the French National Assembly, François de Rugy, was appointed environment minister on Tuesday. He succeeds Nicolas Hulot, who announced his resignation last week. Mr De Rugy pledged in an interview that...» more

French environment minister Nicolas Hulot steps down

28.08.2018 − Nicolas Hulot has resigned as French environment minister. The former journalist, TV moderator and environmental activist announced» more

Limit value for PAH in rubber granulate

16.08.2018 − The Netherlands has proposed an EU-wide limit value for eight PAHs in granules and mulches used in artificial turf pitches.» more

China announces tariffs on scrap imports from the USA

09.08.2018 − China's Ministry of Commerce retaliates against US tariffs on Chinese imports. New Chinese tariffs are to apply to imports of all scrap commodities from the United States, » more

Vietnam and Malaysia restrict waste imports

31.07.2018 − The effect of China's drastic import policy shift for waste continues to ripple throughout Asia.» more

EU consultation on interface between chemical, product and waste law

25.07.2018 − The European Commission seeks opinions on the regulation of the interface between chemical, product and waste law and has launched a public consultation.» more

Plastics strategy: EP environment committee calls for stronger measures

12.07.2018 − The European Commission's plastics strategy advanced another step on Tuesday when the European Parliament’s Environment Committee adopted a draft report responding to the proposal. Following the adoption of numerous...» more

Thailand closes ports to plastic and electronic waste

04.07.2018 − The government of Thailand is banning the imports of e-scrap and plastic waste. The country's Department of Industrial Works (DIW) forbade imports of electronic and plastic waste last week, effective immediately.» more

Vella calls on retailers to participate in plastics campaign

27.06.2018 − In a Tuesday speech, EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella revealed that there were as yet no European retail chains that had entered voluntary commitments on the use of recycled plastics. In his remarks at the...» more

Waste package published in the EU Official Journal

15.06.2018 − The EU waste package's four new Directives have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union, which means their application will start on 5 July 2020. » more

Poland clamps down on illegal waste operations

30.05.2018 − The Polish government announced its intention on Tuesday to tighten controls on waste imports. "It is very often the case that waste is imported for recycling, but we really don't know what actually enters the country,"...» more

EU targets 10 single-use plastic products in new proposals

28.05.2018 − The European Commission presented news rules in Brussels on Monday intended to reduce plastic marine litter. According to the Commission, the rules target 10 single-use plastic products, which together account for 70...» more

Waste package reaches final adoption

22.05.2018 − Representatives of the EU member states adopted the Directives of the EU waste package on Tuesday morning at a meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council. Hungary abstained from the votes on all four...» more

China to loosen import rules for regranulate and PET flakes

17.05.2018 − China is planning to permit the import of high-value PET flakes without import licences. » more

China announces further recyclate import bans

19.04.2018 − China will implement bans on imports of a further 32 types of secondary raw materials in the next two years. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) announced on Thursday that imports of sixteen types of solid...» more