New European action plan for the circular economy

17.07.2019 − The President-elect of the EU Commission wishes to continue the current Commission's circular economy policy. Ursula von der Leyen described the circular economy as "key for developing Europe’s future economic model" in...» more


Indonesia to return eight RCP containers to Australia

10.07.2019 − Indonesian Customs officials will order eight containers of waste paper to be returned to Australia, after determining that the material contained household and hazardous waste. The Directorate General of Customs and...» more

Dutch government still working out details
of planned tax on waste imports

07.07.2019 − The Dutch government caught the European waste management industry off guard with plans to introduce a tax on foreign wastes imported for landfilling or incineration. According to a letter sent to the Parliament by...» more

Austria to ban most plastic carrier bags

03.07.2019 − Beginning next year, it will be illegal to sell or distribute plastic carrier bags in Austria. The ban adopted yesterday be the lower house of the Austrian Parliament allows for a transition period until the end of...» more

Single-Use Plastics Directive published in the EU Official Journal

14.06.2019 − The new Directive "on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment" appeared in the Official Journal of the European Union on 12 June and will enter into force 20 days thereafter.» more

Nine EU member states late to implement Ship Recycling Regulation

06.06.2019 − The European Commission will open infringement proceedings against nine member states for failing to fully implement the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. » more

Council approves new legislation on single-use plastics and fertiliser

22.05.2019 − The new EU Single-Use Plastics Directive and the Fertiliser Regulation were officially adopted by the member states at a Council meeting on Tuesday.» more

Basel Convention signatories agree to
tighten waste plastic export rules

13.05.2019 − The signatories of the Basel Convention reached an agreement in Geneva last Friday on new rules that will govern international shipments of waste plastics as of 1 January 2021. From that point on, only single-polymer...» more

EU Commission clears €54m subsidy for wte plant in Poland

17.04.2019 − The European Commission has approved plans to support the construction of a waste-to-energy (wte) cogeneration plant located in Olsztyn in the Northeast of Poland under EU State aid rules.» more

Strong support for Single-Use Plastics Directive

27.03.2019 − The European Parliament has strongly endorsed the Single-Use Plastics Directive in its plenary meeting on Wednesday. » more

UK government issues Brexit warning to waste exporters

26.03.2019 − The British government is warning waste exporters that they should review their contingency plans in preparation for shipment disruptions in the event of a no-deal Brexit. In a joint statement issued Monday afternoon,...» more

Poland and the Czech Republic pledge joint action against illegal waste imports

14.03.2019 − Poland and the Czech Republic plan to cooperate more closely on combating illegal waste shipments. The countries signed a declaration on the problem of illegal transfrontier waste shipments of waste at the end of...» more

Transition period for Indian import ban

12.03.2019 − The Indian government is prepared to allow recyclers an additional six months to comply with the import ban on solid plastic waste that it imposed last week. According to a memorandum from the Indian Ministry of...» more

Commission puts Poland and Slovakia
on notice over sub-par landfills

11.03.2019 − The EU Commission has taken action against Poland and Slovakia for continuing failures to comply with the Landfill Directive. This is the second warning for Slovakia, meaning that the Commission could refer the case to...» more

India bans waste plastic imports

07.03.2019 − India's Ministry of Environment has banned the import of solid plastic waste into the country. The ban also applies to Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and Export-Oriented Units (EOU), » more

Dutch plastic pact sets targets for plastic use and recycling

25.02.2019 − Dutch companies have entered a new “Plastic Pact” under which they commit to less plastic use and more plastic recycling. The agreement was signed on Thursday by 75 companies and environmental organisations as well as...» more

Preliminary agreement reached on POP Regulation

21.02.2019 − Negotiations have wrapped up on the future EU rules for persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Representatives of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission hammered out a preliminary agreement in their...» more

Deficits in WEEE legislation in Estonia and Romania

25.01.2019 − The European Commission calls upon Estonia and Romania to bring their national rules on e-waste fully in line with the EU Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) adopted in 2012.» more

EU ambassadors endorse Single-Use Plastics Directive

18.01.2019 − The proposed Single-Use Plastics Directive has made a further step towards adoption. The EU member states’ ambassadors have unanimously endorsed the provisional compromise negotiated in the week before Christmas.» more

UK: Reform of producer responsibility for packaging "immediate priority"

19.12.2018 − The British government released its long-awaited Resources & Waste for England on Tuesday, outlining how England is to increase resource productivity and eliminate "avoidable waste of all kinds" by 2050. Environment...» more

Trilogue agreement reached on single-use plastics

19.12.2018 − The delegations of the EU institutions reached preliminary agreement Wednesday morning to ban or reduce the consumption of various single-use plastic products. The EU Parliament was successful in pushing through a...» more

Denmark plans to standardise collection
of plastic waste from households

04.12.2018 − The Danish environment ministry wants municipalities to implement uniform arrangements for separately collecting plastic waste. A standardised system would increase the amount of plastic waste which is collected from...» more

Council will push to soften the decaBDE
restriction added by the EU Parliament

29.11.2018 − EU member states want to set a cap on the concentration of the flame retardant decaBDE in recycled materials, but would set that limit substantially higher than the one supported by the European Parliament. » more

Pledges for recycled plastic uptake fall short of EU goal

21.11.2018 − European businesses and trade associations have pledged to the EU Commission to make 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic available by 2025. "On the demand side, however, only about 5 million tonnes are expected so...» more

EU Parliament votes for strict DecaBDE limit

16.11.2018 − The European Parliament has approved setting a strict limit of 10 ppm for the brominated flame retardant DecaBDE in the EU Regulation on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP).» more

EU members agree on single-use plastics negotiation position

31.10.2018 − The trilogue negotiations between the EU Parliament and Council on the proposed Directive on single-use plastics will start as planned on 6 November.» more

EU Parliament approves Single Use Plastics Directive

24.10.2018 − The European Parliament has voted in favour of an amended Single Use Plastics Directive at its first reading with 571 votes in favour, 53 votes opposed and 34 abstentions. Members of the European Parliament to expand...» more

EP Committee votes to add products to single-use plastic bans

10.10.2018 − The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has voted to strengthen certain provisions of the proposed EU Directive on single-use plastics.» more

France broadens bans on disposable plastic items

03.10.2018 − France will forbid the sale of straws, plastic steak markers, disposable cup lids, meal trays, ice cream pots, salad bowls, boxes and drink stirrers made of conventional plastics as of 2020. The French Assemblée...» more

Worldwide waste arisings to rise by 70 per cent by 2050

21.09.2018 − Without urgent action, global waste arisings will increase by 70 percent compared to current levels by 2050, according to a new study by the World Bank entitled "What a Waste 2.0". The international financial...» more