EU Parliament adopts Waste Package

18.04.2018 − "The European Parliament has said ‘yes’ to the circular economy by a very large majority. This marks the end of three years of work, but above all it marks the beginning of a challenge for Europe," said MEP Simona...» more


Brexit: EU to seek environmental non-regression clause

11.04.2018 − In its future relationship with the UK, the EU should commit to "no lowering of the standards of environmental protection", according to the EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier. Speaking at a conference organised by the...» more

China introduces new pollution tax in April

28.02.2018 − Beginning in April, companies in the People's Republic of China will have to pay a new environmental tax. According the stated-owned Xinhua news agency, the Environmental Protection Tax Law which went into effect on 1...» more

Environment Committee votes for waste package compromise

27.02.2018 − The EU waste package cleared another hurdle on the path to final adoption on Tuesday morning when it was adopted by the members of the EU Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI). The vote follows confirmation of the...» more