Limit value for PAH in rubber granulate

16.08.2018 − The Netherlands has proposed an EU-wide limit value for eight PAHs in granules and mulches used in artificial turf pitches.» more


China announces tariffs on scrap imports from the USA

09.08.2018 − China's Ministry of Commerce retaliates against US tariffs on Chinese imports. New Chinese tariffs are to apply to imports of all scrap commodities from the United States, » more

Vietnam and Malaysia restrict waste imports

31.07.2018 − The effect of China's drastic import policy shift for waste continues to ripple throughout Asia.» more

EU consultation on interface between chemical, product and waste law

25.07.2018 − The European Commission seeks opinions on the regulation of the interface between chemical, product and waste law and has launched a public consultation.» more

Plastics strategy: EP environment committee calls for stronger measures

12.07.2018 − The European Commission's plastics strategy advanced another step on Tuesday when the European Parliament’s Environment Committee adopted a draft report responding to the proposal. Following the adoption of numerous...» more

Thailand closes ports to plastic and electronic waste

04.07.2018 − The government of Thailand is banning the imports of e-scrap and plastic waste. The country's Department of Industrial Works (DIW) forbade imports of electronic and plastic waste last week, effective immediately.» more