Council supports longer transition periods for battery collection and recycling targets


The EU member states' environment ministers adopted their "general approach" on the proposed Battery Regulation on Thursday. Compared to the European Commission and the Parliament, they support longer transition periods for the planned increases in minimum collection rates, recycling efficiencies and material-specific recovery quotas. They also call for a later entry into force of the minimum requirements for the incorporation of recycled raw materials in new batteries.

As regards the separate collection target for portable batteries, the Council supports the Commission's proposal to raise the minimum collection rate to 65 per cent. However, while the Commission proposed this rate should be reached by the end of 2025, the EU member states propose a transition period of six years after the new Regulation's entry force. The Council's and the Commission's positions are closer with regard to the deadline for reaching the proposed subsequent target of 70 per cent. The Commission calls for this rate to be achieved by the end of 2030, while the member states support a transition period of eight years after the Regulation's entry into force.

In its vote last week, the European Parliament called for much more ambitious collection targets. The plenary voted in favour of requiring the 70 per cent collection rate to be reached by the end 2025 and the 80 per cent rate by the end of 2030....

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