China appears to be backing off strict 0.3 per cent contaminant cap for imported paper

15.11.2017 − 

Chinese authorities appear to be considering setting the maximum contamination rate acceptable for recovered paper imports at 1 per cent. This is substantially higher and much more readily achievable than the 0.3 per cent contained in a consultation draft released in August. 

A draft environmental protection control standard for imported waste paper seen by EUWID, but as yet not officially released, states that the content of impurities – waste wood, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, fabric, absorbent, beverage cartons, thermal paper, asphalt moisture proof paper, sticker paper, oily paper, wall paper, wax paper, carbon paper, and NCR (carbonless copy paper) – must be less than 1 per cent.

Market experts also confirmed to EUWID that the contaminant limit currently under discussion stood at 1 per cent. At press time, there was growing certainty within the industry that the cap imposed next year would stand at that level, even though no official statement had yet been made.

The content of other substances, such as incinerated paper, extinguishing agents and hazardous materials, is not to exceed 0.01 per cent, according to the draft.

The full article appears in EUWID Recycling and Waste Management 23/2017. Subscribers to our online editions can access the complete text here :China may raise contaminant cap for recovered paper


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