China to loosen import rules for regranulate and PET flakes

Regranulate; photo: DSD
(representative image; source: DSD)
17.05.2018 − 

China is planning to permit the import of high-value PET flakes without import licences. Citing China's General Administration of Customs, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) says that China will also allow the import of "the primary form of recycled pellets" provided they fulfill certain requirements.

To qualify for licence-free import, the pellet batches must have the same colour, a uniform particle size and shape, uniform packaging and meet the relevant specification and requirements for plastic materials or products, BIR reports.

At this stage, the umbrella group for recycling associations and companies awaits further details in confirmation of these changes and intends to provide an English translation of the quality requirements for PET flakes.

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