Denmark plans to standardise collection
of plastic waste from households

Light-weight carrier bags to be banned in Denmark.
04.12.2018 − 

The Danish environment ministry wants municipalities to implement uniform arrangements for separately collecting plastic waste. A standardised system would increase the amount of plastic waste which is collected from households for recycling, the ministry believes. "If we want higher quality in recycling, better sorting and collection are necessary. This will make it much easier and more economically viable to recycle plastic waste," said environment minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen on Tuesday.

The recycling rate for waste plastic in Denmark is currently estimated at around 36 per cent, according to the environment ministry. The recycling rate for household plastic packaging waste stands at only 17 per cent.

The ministry also intends to introduce a ban on light-weight carrier bags. In addition to the ban, retailers are to be required to charge for other plastic carrier bags. A voluntary commitment with the Danish chamber of commerce, the grocery chain Coop and other signatories is intended to ensure that plastic bag consumption is halved by 2023. At present, the environment ministry says Danes use about 80 bags per person each year.

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