EU Parliament calls for better implementation of EU environmental law

20.11.2017 − 

The European Parliament is criticizing deficits and disparities in the implementation of EU environmental law in the individual member states. In a resolution, the Brussels body calls on the Commission to present a legislative proposal on environmental inspections in order to accelerate the implementation of environmental laws and standards. Until now, such rules exist only for the monitoring of trans-boundary waste shipments.

The Parliament also maintained "that there should be less margin for discretion on the part of Member States in order to find solutions for better implementation." Furthermore, the MEPs called on the EU Commission and the member states to improve their efforts to implement the Environmental Liability Directive.

In the non-binding resolution, which was adopted on 16 November, the Parliament lays out its position on the Commission's new Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) procedure. The Commission published the first of the country reports compiled using the new instrument in February. The EU body found significant deficiencies in the implementation of rules governing waste management and other sectors in numerous member states.

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