EU Parliament calls for investment in plastics recycling in Europe

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14.09.2018 − 

The European Parliaments calls on all stakeholders to consider China’s import ban for plastic waste an opportunity for investing in prevention and in “state-of-the-art facilities for collection, sorting and recycling in the EU”. It also calls for setting minimum recycled contents for specific plastic products placed on the EU market, introducing reduced VAT rates for recycled-content products, and for “swiftly” developing quality standards for secondary plastics.

The non-binding resolution sets out the Parliament’s position to the EU Commission’s January strategy for plastics in the circular economy. It was adopted on Thursday with 597 votes in favour, 15 against and 25 abstentions.

In its resolution, the EU Parliament also calls for a ban on oxo-degradable plastics due to their negative effects on the recycling of conventional plastics and their lack of a “proven environmental benefit”. Furthermore, the Parliament advocates banning microplastics in cosmetics, personal care products, detergents and cleaning products by 2020.

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