European Commission pursues waste infringement cases

27.04.2017 − 

The European Commission will bring Slovenia before the European Court of Justice for alleged violations of the Landfill Directive. According to a Thursday Commission statement, there were still 28 uncontrolled landfills in the member state. The waste sites were no longer in operation, but had not yet been closed and remediated as required under the Landfill Directive. The deadline set in the legislation passed on 16 July 2009.

The EU body likewise announced that it would refer Romania to the Court because the country had not yet reviewed and updated its national waste and waste prevention programmes.

Moreover, the Commission announced that it was moving forward on a number of cases against member states for deficits in the implementation of EU waste law. Should the issues raised by the EU body not be remedied within two months, the Commission may elect to move on to the next step of infringement proceedings.

The affected member states include Belgium, which received a second written warning for its failure to ensure that EU rules on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and the Battery Directive were transposed into regional legislation in Walloonia. Poland and Finland also received final warnings for having failed to transpose the climate correction factor for the calculation of the efficiency of waste to energy plants into national law.

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