French environment minister Nicolas Hulot steps down

Source: Ministry (A. Bouissou/Terra)
28.08.2018 − 

Nicolas Hulot has resigned as French environment minister. The former journalist, TV moderator and environmental activist announced his decision during a Tuesday morning radio interview with the broadcaster France Inter.

In his on-air statement, Mr Hulot described progress on environmental issues as unsatisfactory and criticised the lack of support from other areas of government. In a situation which required a paradigm shift, Mr Hulot said he had been forced every day to resign himself to "small steps". "People tell me, 'Give it time. Be patient', but we have been patient for 30 years! For 30 years we've allowed these phenomena to go on, but they are about to get out of control," said Mr Hulot with a view to climate change and other major environmental issues. He had been a member of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe's cabinet since May 2017.

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