Indonesia to return eight RCP containers to Australia

10.07.2019 − 

Indonesian Customs officials will order eight containers of waste paper to be returned to Australia, after determining that the material contained household and hazardous waste. The Directorate General of Customs and Excise said on Tuesday that the containers had been loaded in Brisbane and imported by the company PT MDI. The containers reportedly held a total of 282 bales with a combined weight of just over 210 tonnes.

Basuki Suryanto, head of the Tanjung Perak Customs Office said the shipment was found to be contaminated with "various kinds of household waste such as used cans, plastic bottles, used oil packaging, used electronics, used baby nappies, used footwear, etc." Local customs officials had carried out a physical inspection after receiving an intelligence note from the East Java Regional Office. The customs inspection was followed up by an evaluation by the country's Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), which recommended that the shipment be returned.

As proof of the government's seriousness in handling waste paper cases, Customs said it is coordinating with a wide range of relevant agencies. They include the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, the Indonesian Police and Sucofindo KSO - Surveyor Indonesia.

Last week, Indonesia announced it was sending back 49 containers to holding contaminated materials that had been declared as waste plastics for recycling. In that case the dispatching countries had included the US, France, Germany and Hong Kong as well as Australia.

More on Indonesia's decision last week to repatriate waste plastics containers can be found in the current edition of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management.

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