Numerous member states fail to hit packaging waste targets

Packaging waste
25.09.2017 − 

While the EU institutions continue to negotiate on a potential increase in packaging recycling targets as they meet for trilogue talks, many EU member states have yet to fulfill the existing recycling targets for waste packaging materials in place since 2008. The most recently released figures from Eurostat indicate that at least six, but perhaps as many as ten EU member states, missed one or more targets in the 2015 reporting year.

Although six member states failed to submit data for 2015 to Eurostat, the European statistics office released aggregate figures for all of the EU-28. The resulting average recovery rate for packaging waste in 2015 was 78.7 per cent. This included energy recovery at waste incineration plants.

The existing total recovery target stands at 60 per cent and was achieved by all member states with the exception of Hungary (58.1 per cent). However, among the six countries that have yet to submit their 2015 figures, there are four member states (Greece, Malta, Romania and Cyprus) that failed to hit the 60 per cent target in the prior year.

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