Per capita municipal waste arisings in the
EU reach ten-year high in 2019

23.02.2021 − 

Residents of the European Union continue to generate increasing volumes of waste. According to the most recently released figures from European statistics authority Eurostat, on average Europeans generated 502 kilograms of municipal waste per capita in the in 2019. This is seven kilograms more than in the previous year and marks the highest level reported since 2010.

The range between the individual members of the EU-27 is enormous. While the inhabitants of Romania produced an average of only 280 kilograms of household waste in 2019 per person, the figure in Denmark was 844 kilograms. Germany was the only larger EU country with per capital waste arisings of over 600 kilograms.

A breakdown of the figures by treatment method shows that over the past 25 years, the amount of municipal waste consigned to landfill has decreased steadily as a share of total arisings. That trend remains aligned with the European policy objective of minimising landfill. However, in recent years incremental progress has slowed.

The full article on recently released municipal waste statistics appears in the next print and e-paper issues of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management (04/2021) out on 24 February.

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