Poland and the Czech Republic pledge joint action against illegal waste imports

Environment ministers Richard Brabec (Czech Republic, left)
and Henryk Kowalczyk (Poland) at the signing ceremony
for the joint declaration.
14.03.2019 − 

Poland and the Czech Republic plan to cooperate more closely on combating illegal waste shipments. The countries signed a declaration on the problem of illegal transfrontier waste shipments of waste at the end of February, according to a statement from the Polish environment ministry. The governments also pledge to set up a joint Polish-Czech working group involving the competent authorities for transboundary shipments with the goal of developing measures to prevent illegal imports and to address cases where such imports are discovered.

Poland and the Czech Republic are the main destination countries for illegally exported commercial and industrial waste from their common neighbour Germany. Market sources have told EUWID that the illegally shipped waste is frequently declared as plastic waste for recycling for transport across the border.

In the wake of efforts made by the Polish government last year to pursue the "waste mafia", the Czech Republic is increasingly becoming a destination for illegal waste exports from Germany. The joint declaration is intended to disrupt this activity as well.

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