EP rejects attempt to raise lead limits for recycled PVC

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13.02.2020 − 

Members of the European Parliament voted on Wednesday to block a Commission proposal that would have allowed higher levels of lead from legacy additives in recycled PVC. Under the proposed Regulation, the concentration of lead in primary PVC would have been capped at 0.1 per cent, but an exception would have been carved out for recycled PVC. Trying to balance the benefits of recycling with health concerns, and acknowledging the risks associated with landfilling or incineration PVC containing lead, the Commission sought a derogation allowing concentrations of up to 2 per cent for recycled rigid PVC and up to 1 per cent for recycled flexible/soft PVC.

At the Parliament's plenary meeting last week, 394 MEPs voted to object to the Commission proposal. There were 241 votes against an objection and 13 MEPs abstained from the vote. According to an EP press statement issued later that day, the legislative body does not believed that the proposed by the Commission corresponds to "safe levels" and underlines that alternatives were available.

With the rejection of its proposal the Commission now has two choices. It may either submit and amended draft or present a new one.

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