Roadmap for new circular economy action plan published

09.01.2020 − 

Stakeholder have until 20 January to provide feedback on the European Commission's roadmap for the new circular economy action plan which it intends to put forward in March 2020. According to the roadmap, which was published on 23 December, no additional consultation is planned before the action plan's adoption.

The action plan is to be tabled together with the EU Industrial Strategy in order to "mobilise the industrial sector and all the value chains towards a model of sustainable and inclusive growth, ensuring efficient and clean resource cycles", the roadmap states. It will include a sustainable products policy, which will also support "design for circularity".

Furthermore, the new action plan is to help reduce waste generation and "support the modernisation of certain waste laws so that they further contribute to the circular economy". It will also "foster a well-functioning and integrated internal market for secondary raw materials to ensure that they are safe, competitively priced and reliable". The roadmap confirmed that targeted actions addressing specific sectors including electronic and electric products, textiles and some plastic products are planned.

The roadmap and feedback received so far by the EU Commission can be accessed here.

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