UK government issues Brexit warning to waste exporters

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26.03.2019 − 

The British government is warning waste exporters that they should review their contingency plans in preparation for shipment disruptions in the event of a no-deal Brexit. In a joint statement issued Monday afternoon, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Environment Agency said that there might be some delays at ports operating "roll-on, roll-off systems", with the Port of Dover predicted to be the most affected. "Waste exports using the Eurotunnel may also experience disruptions," Defra and the Environment Agency noted. The government was not expecting disruptions at container ports.

In light of anticipated delay at some ports, Defra is advising waste exporters to review their own waste storage capacity and seek out alternative storage facilities. Companies are also encouraged to identify any alternative recovery or disposal routes for their waste and to contact their haulage operators to discuss potential changes to transport plans.

However, British environmental authorities cautioned that any changes to the export route would require a change to the export notification. Alterations would need to be agreed by the competent authorities both in the UK and in the destination country. Where the export route is unchanged, existing permits or licenses may be used. Defra has worked with its counterparts in the EU 27 to secure agreements allowing the continued validity of the old permits.

As present, the UK government have until 12 April to come to an agreement on the terms under which the country will leave the EU. Without an agreement, the UK would leave the union and the single market in a "cliff-edge" Brexit, becoming a third state overnight.

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