Strategic implementation plan for EU Raw Materials Initiative


The High Level Steering Group of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials released a strategic implementation plan on Wednesday. The plan proposes a series of actions to be taken by the Commission, the EU member states, industry, research groups and non-governmental organisations, which the Steering Group believes will help ensure a sustainable supply of primary and secondary raw materials to the European economy.

The Steering Group wants technical solutions developed to strengthen the recycling and recovery of raw materials from complex products such as e-scrap as well as buildings and infrastructure to minimise losses. At the same time, the waste management framework conditions in Europe should be improved through a number of actions proposed in the implementation plan. They include more widely applying design for recycling, raising source-separated waste collection and optimising waste flows for recycling, preventing illegal exports of waste and developing standards for e-waste recycling in order to increase the amount of precious metals and critical raw materials reclaimed from this waste stream.

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