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EUWID Recycling and Waste Management Issue 12/2019


  • Derichebourg officially opens new metals and WEEE recycling centre in southwestern France
  • Earnings at metals recycler Alba SE plunge amid freight cost surge
  • Alba enters into PET recycling joint venture in Japan
  • Viridor achieves renewed growth on strength of energy recovery assets
  • FEAD against changes for plastic shipments within EU and OECD
  • Loacker now sole owner of Eggenberger Recycling
  • Veolia upgrades HDPE recycling plant in London
  • German plastics recyclers RVG and Fischer merge as of 1 June
  • Suez announces plastic recycling project in Thailand
  • Babcock & Wilcox narrows losses in first quarter
  • Slight decrease in wte gate fees in Switzerland
  • Suez begins waste management services under £1bn Manchester contract
  • Another uptick in PVC recycling in Europe in 2018
  • Call for re-interpretation of rules on food traces in recovered paper
  • Cembureau calls on EU to promote co-processing
  • FCC announces plans for new wte facility in Scotland
  • Chinese recovered paper imports continue to fall
  • Start-up of sorting plant for plastic packaging in Sweden
  • Adusia to source SRF for cement works from Powerday
  • Newly awarded wte facility contracts reach record high


  • OCC prices slide further in second half of May in the UK
  • Recovered paper in Poland, UK
  • Waste plastics in Germany
  • PET bottles in Germany
  • Sludge recovery in Germany
  • Upcoming EUWID market reports in the next issue
  • EUWID Index: Material Value of Fridges and Freezers for Recycling
  • Primary plastics in Germany
  • NF scrap metals in Germany
  • LME and Comex prices


  • Disputed Canadian waste leaves the Philippines
  • EU members late to implement Ship Recycling Regulation
  • Malaysia to begin returning low-quality waste plastic imports

  • Companies and institutions appearing in the current issue