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EUWID Recycling and Waste Management Issue 26/2018


  • Capacity shortage sends prices for C&I waste treatment higher again in Germany
  • B&W Loibl lands $20m contract for power plant conveyor system
  • British association presents inspection scheme for RCP
  • IBA and food waste drive growth in English recycling
  • Concerns about draft EU rules for calculating recycling rates
  • China’s RCP imports may fall to 50 per cent below 2017 level


  • The recovered paper market in Germany
  • Upcoming EUWID market reports in the next issue
  • The recovered paper market in France
  • The recovered paper market in Italy
  • The primary PET market in Germany
  • The ferrous scrap market in Germany
  • The non-ferrous scrap metals market in Germany
  • London Metal Exchange and Comex prices
  • The waste textiles market in Germany


  • EU Commission launches Circular Plastics Alliance
  • Preliminary agreement reached on ship-generated waste

  • Company News
  • Companies and institutions appearing in the current issue