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EUWID Index: Material Value of Fridges and Freezers for Recycling

The EUWID Index for the material value of fridges and freezers for recycling was developed as an instrument for mitigating the commodity price risk in recycling contracts for this equipment through the use of price variation clauses. Reported monthly, it tracks the price movements of the most important commodities which determine the value of material in this equipment category. The EUWID index incorporates the price of shredded steel scrap reported by the German Steel Recycling Association (BDSV) as well as copper and primary aluminium quotes from the London Metal Exchange (LME). The value of the plastic fraction is based on data gathered by the consulting firm KPMG on behalf of the French recycling trade association Federec. To allow timely settlement of accounts, the material value for the current month is calculated using the metal prices from the prior month and the plastics price two months prior. The weighting is based on the composition of an average refrigerator.