Final hazardous waste excavated from Bonfol landfill


The Bonfol landfill remediation project on the Swiss-French border has reached a milestone. "The Bonfol hazardous waste landfill is empty. On Monday 29 August 2016, BCI Betriebs-AG and their cooperation partners removed the last tonne of chemical waste," announced managing director Michael Fischer of BCI Betriebs-AG at a press conference on Friday.

Approximately 202,000 tonnes of chemical waste and chemically contaminated material were removed from the site over the past five years, by BCI Betriebs-AG's estimates. The waste was shipped to hazardous waste incineration facilities in Germany and Belgium for disposal. An additional 84,000 tonnes of moderately to mildly-contaminated materials were treated in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The total cost of the remediation project, including aftercare of the cleanup site, is expected to amount to CHF380m (about €350m), according to BCI Betriebs-AG.

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